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11. February 2019

Reinartz is a member of IPIFF

Reinartz works continuously on innovative solutions for the maximum use of valuable resources. For example insects, from which we gain high-quality protein by means of our process and our presses.

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Insects for a stronger immune system of broilers

23. January 2019

Insects for a stronger immune system of broilers

In a current study the effect of insect meal from the Black Soldier Fly as feed additive for broilers was examined. The focus was on the effect of the meal on a fowl-typhoid causing bacterium.

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Tailormade solutions

26. November 2018

Technology meets developer spirit

We develop innovation of tomorrow – We get reinforcements from well-known cooperation partners from economic and scientific areas, such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Technology and Packaging in relation to the extraction and processing of herbal raw materials.

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Industrie 4.0

26. November 2018

Networked with our Service 4.0

This is how digitalisation works smartly – This enables the fully automatic control of the entire system, which avoids potential operating errors and provides the necessary transparency of the production processes.

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Hermetia Illucens

26. November 2018

Hermetia illucens for Fido & Friends

Proteins from the black soldier fly – With our partner Hermetia Baruth, Reinartz has been engaged in this topic for years and has long since taken a leading role in this field.

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Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand

20. November 2018

Together we set new standards

On 6th November 2018, the annual conference on networking, the ZIM-Netzwerkjahrestagung, of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) took place. Being a long-standing partner in a ZIM-network, we also attended the meeting.

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Beneficial effects of insects as feed supplement for poultry

20. October 2018

Black Soldier Fly for strengthening the immune system of poultry

As is well known, the Black Soldier Fly is a valuable supplier of protein for animal feed. A characteristic that Reinartz already recognized years ago and has since been continuously working on the maximum utilisation of high-quality insect meal.

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Use of insect meal and oil from the black soldier fly for Atlantic salmon

4. October 2018

Insect proteins in test for Atlantic salmon

A team of Norwegian and Italian researchers has investigated the effects of insect meal and oil extracted from BSF larvae on the growth performance, body composition and nutrient digestibility of Atlantic salmon.

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Successful press trials with algae

19. September 2018

Mechanical dewatering of algae

Reinartz stands for resource efficiency – innovative solutions with sophisticated processes are the key. One of our areas of expertise is the dewatering of biomass for recovery on the energy sector.

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Cooperation with the univerity FH Münster

6. September 2018

New cooperation with Münster University of Applied Sciences

Our new research partner, Münster University of Applied Sciences is currently working on a development project for the dewatering of biomass.

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