Utilization of biomass for sustainable energy production

16. November 2017

Biomass – the key for realising climate targets

Questions relating to the environment currently are a matter of intense and frequent discussion within the European Union. It is clear that measures against climate change have to be taken quite urgently. An important approach is the strong development of renewable sources of energy, which is supported by the energy policy of the EU. However, one source of energy, older than any other and even most frequently available already exists: the biomass.

The potential of using biomass is as diverse as its presence – for example, residues from agriculture and forestry as well as from the woodworking industry are – after being processed – ideally suitable for generating electric energy for heating and as bio fuel components. In scientifically accompanied test series the Maschinenfabrik Reinartz continuously works on the enhancement and refinement of technologies for gaining energy from biomass. By developing innovative solutions in this field we significantly participate in the strive for reaching fundamental climate targets – for the energy of the future.
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