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Customers from all over the world rely on machinery from our main site in Neuss. The worldwide reputation of the Reinartz

factory is one of a successful combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative ideas.

Screw press from Reinartz in Brazil

Pirahy Alimentos

Brazil is among the largest producers of rice in the world. The company Pirahy Alimentos relies on Neuss machinery for deoiling rice bran oder for high value products from rice bran. The first Reinartz system in their rice production processes a good two tonnes per hour.

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Cooperation in the context of decentralized energy production from biomass


Convert green waste such as grass or leaves into fuel – that’s the idea at Florfuel. Reinartz machinery helps this vision become a reality. Using our press processes, yesterday’s compost becomes valuable energy for millions of households.

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Longtime partner in the field of insect processing


The demand for protein in the animal feed industry is enormous. It is still mainly gained from fish meal. The company Hermetia has a recipe to reduce over-fishing the world’s oceans: Protein from fly larvae. Using Reinartz machinery, the larvae become a nutritious tidbit.

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Insect-based protein for animal feed and fertilisers – this is what NextProtein is working at to counter the global shortage of land and resources. Production of the sustainable source of protein from the black soldier fly is implemented by means of Reinartz presses.

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