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As a separation process specialist, we have a knowledge and experience transfer of 170 years. REINARTZ is one of the market leaders in its class worldwide. The pioneering know-how of our employees and the permanent motivation to make existing things even better together shape our thoroughness in the development of innovative machines and processes. Our technologies set standards in the production of first-class vegetable oils, protein-containing press cakes from insect larvae, the creation of efficient energy sources from biomass and in research.

Protein extraction from insect larvae is on the advance

Our plant technologies are used all over the world. Our customers gain high-quality proteins for the animal feed and food industries. Thanks to our Made in Germany pressing processes, they are among the leading brands in their industries.

Maximum yields with REINARTZ

from biomass

You have the raw material, we have the know-how. Thanks to the leading REINARTZ technology, green waste, leaves, wood residues, biogenic residues or co-products from the food industry become efficient sources of energy. Our dewatering, drying and separation processes work for you with a high degree of efficiency. Sustainable, comprehensive, profitable.

High-quality vegetable oils and fats

For decades, REINARTZ has been standing for the constant optimisation of leading cold pressing processes. Because our engineers and designers know: There is always a still better value to achieve! The efficient and gentle extraction of first-class vegetable oils and valuable fats is associated with the name REINARTZ in the food and cosmetics industries worldwide.

Nutritious plant proteins

Protein-rich press cake is a co-product of our cold-pressing processes, for example from rapeseed, sunflowers or soy. As a food rich in vitamins and proteins it is requested by the animal feed industry. Especially if it comes from REINARTZ. Because of our many years of experience, we always know how to create optimal conditions for the maximum preservation of valuable proteins in the various pressing processes. The press cakes can be processed directly or used for further extraction of the pure proteins.

Natural insect proteins

Insect larvae represent the sustainable form of a protein-rich diet. The animal feed industry uses insect meal from dried and defatted larvae of the black soldier fly, which has a protein content of over 60 percent. The demand for insect proteins is increasing rapidly. With our many years of know-how, we offer our customers the complete program for effective production of insect protein, from the customised system planning to commissioning and monitoring.

Reinartz – Your specialist for separation processes


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REINARTZ presses, filtration systems and employees are in action for our clients around the world: in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada and South America.
Internationally, the name REINARTZ stands for leading separation processes, competence and know-how. We are very familiar with the individual requirements of our customers.
In addition to English and French, we also speak Italian, Russian, Spanish, Polish and Czech.


13. November 2023

The IPIFF Annual Conference 2023

The annual conference of the IPIFF (International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed) will take place in Brussels on November 15, 2023. IPIFF is a non-profit EU organization that represents the interests of the insect production sector to EU policymakers, European interest groups, and citizens. IPIFF comprises 72 members and promotes the use of […]

1. November 2023

Looking Forward to the ‘Soy Treatment Workshop’ by IFF Braunschweig

We are excited to participate in the “Soy Treatment Workshop” by IFF Braunschweig this week, in cooperation with the Donau Soja Organization. Our CEO Niklas Stadermann will give a lecture on “Plant Construction: Processing Soybeans for Human Nutrition and Animal Feed.” soy plant protein

18. October 2023

Forward-Looking Presentation at DGF: Plant Proteins and the Importance of Press Cake

Our CEO Niklas Stadermann will present the forward-looking topic at the German Society for Fat Science in Frankfurt on 23.10.2023: “Prospects for Plant-Based Proteins – The New Importance of Press Cake as a Protein Source for Food.” More information about the event: http://www.dgfett.de/meetings/aktuell/frankfurt2023

11. October 2023

Entobel Opens the Largest Insect Protein Production Facility in Asia

We warmly congratulate Entobel on the opening of their BSF facility in Vietnam! We are proud to be part of this project.Lesen Sie mehr dazu im Feed & Additive Magazine.