18. March 2021


The extraction of proteins is a continually topical issue in the animal feed market. Healthy and nutritious, yet economical feed is required. There are several ideas, but the chosen option must fit one’s own needs. Recently the macadamia nut was reported to be highly protein-rich and a wonderful alternative for feeding to poultry.

This raw material is by no means new to us. Years ago, we started the first series of trials for processing the rich “queen of nuts” and have continued to optimize press settings. Since then, numerous customers have already benefited from our solutions tailored to their individual needs. Because this is what REINARTZ is all about: we offer tailor-made solutions and not components from the catalogue. In addition, we have successfully developed many other alternatives – whether for the recovery of protein-containing press cake from plants or insect larvae. Or use of other raw materials for other applications. Please have a look at our raw material overview – we offer solutions for the processing and conversion of many different materials. Are you missing a resource in our list? No problem – we love challenges! Just contact us.