AP 12

Screw Press AP 12

The Reinartz screw press type AP 12 is a ready-made press for cold-pressing oil seeds.

Ideal for companies who want to produce their own oil on a smaller scale, for example, cooking oil, sustainable technical oils or pharmaceutical and cosmetic oils. Processing capacity depends on oil-bearing seed and seed preparation.

Technical Data

Length 2,700 mm
Width 700 mm
Height 1,200 mm
Net weight 2,000 kg
Connected load 15 kW
Processing capacity
for rapeseed:
Processing capacity
for other seeds:
Hourly throughput 200 kg/h
Annual throughput
(approx. 8,000 h/year) 1,600 t
Hourly throughout 160 kg/h
Annual throughout
(approx. 8,000 h/year) 2,000 t