Reinartz provides a wide spectrum in a technologically machining growth industry. Learn more about fascinating issues relating to mechanical separation processes and take over varied tasks at the interface of different branches. Whilst family-owned company, we are a global player and represented worldwide with our products.



In the metalworking sector basics for engineering, industrial engineering or mechatronics courses of study will be imparted.

You will get insight into exciting production processes (turning, milling, drilling), into assembly of components and how to use and handle measuring and testing equipment. If you have an advanced technical college certificate or Abitur and aspire to study one of the above mentioned specialisations please send your application to



Having studied several semesters, a head full of ideas so why don’t you use your knowledge for worthwhile action and worthwhile results? For three to six months you can give us proof of your skills. Deepen your theory in every-day-business and independent projects.

According to specialisation and field of interest you can apply for internship in various business areas at Reinartz at