Safely stored: Pure oil storage

For a safe storage of your high-quality pure oil we offer complete pure oil storage systems.
The robust storage tanks of high-quality stainless steel can be installed above ground and allow for a cool and dark storage.
The single or double-walled tanks are tightly closable and protect against entry of water. They are entirely non-corrosive and together with our cleaning equipment we guarantee a safe and residue-free cleaning for a hygienic storage.

A cooling with integrated temperature control as well as ventilation of the insulated containers prevent condensation and increase the longevity of your oil
The tanks have a capacity of up to 40.000 litres and meet the requirements of the highest standards for foodstuff.
Of course, the whole monitoring of the pure oil storage tanks can be automated and integrated into existing control systems upon request.
Also, individual customised solutions are no problem for us – please contact us.